>Introduction to Ezekiel Bread

>This is my first try at Ezekiel Bread, although I did modify the original recipe a little. Rather than using flour, I used flakes so the bread didn’t rise as per a normal loaf, it came out dense but it still tasted good and healthy. The ingredients were spelt flakes, wholemeal flour, millet, red and white beans, barley, sesame seed, lentils, honey, olive oil, warm water and yeast. The dry ingredients are abit crunchy as they were in their raw state so in my next try I will boil/cook the lentils, barley and millet so it’ll be much more easier and softer to eat! But like they say, the more ‘wholegrain’ it is the longer it takes to digest (and to eat)!

The reason why I wanted to make this bread is because I’ve heard so much about it, so many good and healthy things about it, that it’s changed people’s life! It’s like a meal on its own, in which I’m going to try for 1 week, to just eat a slice of this Ezekiel Bread for lunch, much like what God told Ezekiel to do in the desert. It’s the little things that fascinate me, living so humbly and of course good for my body and always striving to eat and live healthier. I have to say the taste is interesting, the taste is predominantly the beans and the barley, millet and lentil are as they are, quite strong in their own taste too.

This is an expensive bread to make due to the expensive ingredients, and its abit more expensive getting the ingredients in Dubai, as it seems that ex-pats will pay for the good food that they want to eat!!! Really wish things would be abit cheaper and more affordable here, especially healthy good food.