>Chocolate Coated Coconut Macaroons

Now for the ‘cravings’ side of d’liteful cravings, I made some coconut macaroons from some left over fresh shaved coconuts. This recipe was taken from Martha Stewart with again a slight modification. The condense milk ingredient was made from the lite version which came out tasting the same. Because it was fresh shaved coconut, it had to be baked for 1hr at 175degree Celsius because it wouldn’t turn brown, so I baked it at 20min intervals just to make sure it didn’t burn.

The chocolate topping was made with 100% dark cocoa with raw sugar, or icing sugar, both will harden eventually (quicker with icing sugar). I love my chocolate dark and bitter, 80% cocoa and over, because it doesn’t give you the sugar craving even after a few squares. I used to finish off blocks of Dairy Milk just cos I can but not anymore. I’ve turned a new leaf and wish to continue and keep it ongoing.

Anyway, I love how they turned out, except that the wax paper didn’t help at all, it was too sticky. I think it’ll be safe to use the rubber type pan to avoid sticking, I was heartbroken when some of them broke and didn’t come out properly but there’s always another time, another try. But they are just lovely dovely!