>Meat & Onion Scone, asian-style

>I’m on a roll here… have to admit that this is actually for a trip that we’re taking and it’s my way of not spending too much money with the current economic climate. So I’ve decided to make something savory today – its a meat & onion scone recipe but I made it into a “siew bao” (bun) style as an easy finger food. I really miss the Seremban Siew Bao, looking for a nice recipe to make some. Can someone recommend a good recipe?

Just going into the oven, all soft, filled and puffed up…

The outer bun is made from half plain flour and half wholemeal flour – for some added healthiness, and instead of butter, I used olive oil, and water rather than milk. It still tastes the same – I’ll show you a picture of one other I made previously with no modifications but its still lovely and tasty.

The inside of the bun is caramelised meat and onion, diced with chinese bbq sauce. All sorts of meat can be inserted, mince, ham, chicken pieces… anything goes really, like a meat pasty! I know my husband loves his Cornish Pasty so I made a Meat Pasty that comes close to it, my style!

Again, straight out of the oven, hot and nice, straight into my mouth. Obviously the baker has to taste her own food before presenting it to other people… 😉 And it pass the taste test. Could have brushed the top of the buns with egg wash but didn’t really have time. Next time yeah?…