>just made Date & Raisin Oatcakes … fresh from the oven

I just made it, a batch of super hot, super delicious and super healthy Date & Raisin Oatcakes. I like modifying existing recipes to my own, to make it healthy. The original recipe was taken from “The Cook School Recipes” by Jo Seagar – Flaxseed Oatcakes.

Considering I didn’t have any flaxseeds so I substituted it with dates and raisins, my favourite, and I used high fiber cereal, oatbran, wholemeal flour and reduced on the sugar. But I did put in alot of dates and raisins to make it sweet. Overall, I made about 20 cookies. I already nicked 2!!

The raisins actually popped all over and out of the cookies which made them look like earthquake cookies, but they are so cute and taste so good!! They’re crunchy, nicely sweetened by the dates and raisins, thick and heavy enough. Still feels and tastes like a proper cookie.

Can be made in advance but very nice, eaten straight out of the oven, still hot! But don’t burn your tongue!! Great for the lunchboxes and healthy too! Trust me, they won’t last for very long.