Epic vegan butter

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This is a recipe adapted from Mattie’s outstanding butter recipe at VeganBaking: http://www.veganbaking.net/recipes/fats/vegan-butters/vegan-butter. First, please go read Mattie’s original recipe–it explains what the ingredients do, and why it’s important to…

Watch “FullyRaw Carrot Cake for My Birthday!” on YouTube

FullyRaw Carrot Cake for My Birthday!: https://youtu.be/uLB4H-t4vvk

25 Chinese Dishes to make

http://bzfd.it/1A7Rldi 25 Chinese Dishes to make

Bak Kwa (肉干)Cookies

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 Decided to give this recipe a try as I still have some Bak Kwa sitting in my fridge, love the colour combination too!…

Walnut & banana loaf | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

Celebrating Local Flavors: Kothimbir Vadi (Cilantro Croquettes)

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India boasts a fantastic array of snacks and street food, as varied in flavor as night and day. And they belong to every flavor profile, be…

Quinoa Laddoo

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Happy Deepavali to everyone :) My celebrations would go less if I don’t have any laddoo :P So I was wondering which laddoo to prepare. For the…

Quinoa Ladoos – a Healthy Treat!

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“Quinoa Ladoo! You can’t be serious!” I’m asked in disbelief as I serve the little brown malty balls of delight with an afternoon cup of…

Pineapple Cakes [Taiwan version]

Zann  and I miss Taiwan pineapple cakes, which we fondly remember the ones we bought from Taiwan’s Li Yi Cake Shop (李儀餅店) 2 yrs ago… Today we decided to make some by using oat…

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

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For those of you who loved the banana and almond butter muffins from a few weeks ago, this is the peanut butter version! Also great for those of us…